Welcome to Seventh Avenue Elementary School

Seventh Avenue Elementary School is home to approximately 130 students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade.  The school is one of the three elementary schools of the Haddon Heights School District. 

September came and left quickly.  We had a wonderful opening to the 2018-2019 school year.  On the first day of school, the students, parents and staff enjoyed the Hawaiian theme, music and photo booth.  The students loved the hot dog bbq outside!  There will be more events to come to continue to build a positive school culture and climate.  
The staff assessed all of our amazing students on the reading, writing and math standards. The MAP assessment was implemented successfully and all students have been introduced to the Classworks program.  With the data gathered, we believe that the MAP and Classworks programs will drive instruction and bring the school to another level.  Our staff are excited about the data received and the many uses it provides. 
The students are into their daily routines and consistent quality instruction is taking place.  We want to keep lines of communication open between the home and school.  At any time that a parent or guardian needs information on their student's progress or to review assessment scores, please reach out to the classroom teacher, reading specialist or math specialist.  Together we can accomplish the goals we have for our students. 
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” 
― Jimmy Johnson  

Seventh Avenue Elementary School's Calendar of Events
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What's Happening:

September 6th and 7th - Half days: 

Morning Care available from 7:30-8:30 am on these days.

Grades 1-6 arrive @8:30-8:40, dismissal @12:45
Kindergarten arrive @ 8:30-8:40, dismissal @ 11:25

YMCA Aftercare available for grades 1-6, 12:45-6:00 pm
No Kindergarten Aftercare available on September 6th or 7th!

September 10th - Full Day 
Grades 1-6 arrive @ 8:30-8:40, dismissal @ 3:00 
Kindergarten arrive @ 8:30-8:40, dismissal @ 11:25

Kindergarten Aftercare available starting today, 11:25-3:00!
YMCA Aftercare available for K-6 3:00-6:00 pm

School Lunch Program begins today for grades 1-6.  See the website for menu and to make on-line payments.