Welcome to Seventh Avenue Elementary School

Seventh Avenue Elementary School is home to approximately 130 students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade.  The school is one of the three elementary schools of the Haddon Heights School District.  For more information and weekly correspondence, please visit the Seventh Avenue eBoard.

Seventh Avenue Elementary School's Calendar of Events
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Kindergarten - Mason Hicks and Lea Sheel
First Grade - Madeleine Murphy and Nolan Doyle
Second Grade - Grace Rustico and Ben Chiappine 
Third Grade - Myla MacLean and Michael Polisano
Fourth Grade - Ryen Lewis and Jordyn D'Amelio
Fifth Grade - Caeden Polisano and Spencer Swanholm
Sixth Grade -    Sam Durkin and Drew Harris


Mr. McAndrew would like to thank everyone that participated in the student council election.  The high number of participants shows that so many of you care about our school and that is a big part of why Seventh Avenue is great!  The elected representatives from each class are:
3rd Grade - Miles Anderson & Lola Klemash
4th Grade - Emma Evans & Ryen Lewis
5th Grade - Maya DeAndrea & Kate Price
6th Grade - Lily Marino & Maggie MacLean

What's Happening